Major Fallen Flags of Texas    Major Fallen Flags of Texas
   in my Storage Shed , Garland, Texas
   1920 to about 1950-ish


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RR Xing

The Brazos Valley Railway is my fantasy railroad, installed in and shared with my primary Storage Shed, ...a space that I need to store my day-job stuff. When I moved into this pair of rental storage units (end-to-end is 40 feet and 10 feet wide), I needed to stack stuff as high as possible to have some floor space for me. When the knock-together shelves were all in place, the shelves three feet above the floor all lined up, and I saw, for the very first time, a place to build a model railroad.

The N-scale Brazos Valley is an N-scale mile long from east to west, and by looping it around the whole layout, trains go at least 2 N-scale miles before coming back to where they started.

The commercial set-out switching tracks are mostly in the end loops, but the yards are set in the linear space over the 32 feet of straight-line space, but is less than 18 inches front to back. Long trains are practical on the Brazos Valley Railway.

This fantasy is my hobby. I enjoy it, but I am in no great hurry to "complete it" and then just watch the trains go round and round. <grins>

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