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RR Xing

The picture is from my old layout when I lived in South Carolina. It survived the move to Pittsburgh in 1997, but it was broken up when I moved locally in 2002.  I am in the process of building a new layout here in Pittsburgh.

I model the SAL/SCL/ACL merger timeframe.  I do not attempt to be protoypic with the era and types of cars run in that era.  I like to mix and match and keep it more on the modern side. So it looks like the SAL/SCL/ACL lasted longer than it did since I have some CSX rolling stock mixed in.

The concept of the new layout is a small temrinal railroad (branch line) that services a specific industrial complex. This is called the Columbia & Laurens (SC towns).  It owns only swithcers and services the multiple industures in the complex. The railway owns yard trackage for storage of rolling stock and servicing their engines.

All inbound and outbound cars are interchanged with the ACL/SAL/SCL/CSX, depends what locomotive(s) I want to run that day   :)

I use a computerized waybill system writtten in the old QBASIC langauge that tracks car positions and movement and assigns new cars to be spotted for both inbound and outbound traffic.

I am limited in space so I am building in 4 modules.  The first module is the terminal/industial complex area where all the switching will occur.  The next 3 modules will be looping portions to allow continuous running of least 1 train while another is used for switching therefore allowing 2 operators to work. see my inserted layout plans below.

Terminal Switching area (still subject to minor changes):

full layout conceptual plan (still subject to changes):

I plan to post pictures as I progress and will revise the above plans as they become more finalized. The final final version will probably happen as I lay track.

Locomotives, rolling stock and industries will be added here as I have time.

Contruction pictures of terminal switching module:



Feel free to reach me at:  john15237@yahoo.com.

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