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In the process of designing and building a double deck layout of the ITC-Diesel Divn, with the Alton, Illinois, Federal Yard and associated industries as a main focus.

Will also include the other Alton area railroads: Big 4(NYC), CB&Q, GM&O, M&IB&B, MKT.

Interchange will be made to the ITC-Electric Divn. at Edwardsville, ILL and will include the WAB, NKP and L&M/C&NW. The entire upper level will be the ITC Electric Divn. with the new GP-7 diesel powered freight trains running under the overhead wire with the Electric interurban and freight motor equipment.

The basement has just be finished off with insulated, wallboard outer walls and new lighting.

A small amount of electrical work remains before benchwork can be started. I hope to have the NYC/GM&O main line, with Wann Yard and Wann Tower and the ITC junction at NorthWoodriver Tower and associated staging yards in by the end of Oct. Then I can get started on the ITC trackage up through Federal Yard to downtown Alton and the Mississippi River bridge with the M&IB&B connection to West Alton, MO. I hope by mid 2010 to get the trackage from Woodriver Tower out past all the refineries to Roxana and Wanda finished and the helix up Cotter Hill to the upper deck at Edwardsville, with the Diesel/Electric Divn interchange yard at Leclaire and also Leclaire Tower that protects the ITC line where they cross the L&M/C&NW and the NKP.

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