The Dakota & Great Western Railroad (DGW)    The Dakota & Great Western Railroad (DGW)
   Mid Western Region of the United States of America


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A Fictional subsidiary of the Southern Pacific Railroad, the Dakota & Great Western Railroad would build west from St. Louis, Missouri fanning out through the Mid Western region of the United States to tap into the rich agricultural and mineral business that exists in the Mid Western region of the United States to this day. Business is bustling as The Dakota & Great Western (DGW) would later acquire the Chicago & North Western Railroad enabling it to gain access to Wyoming's Powder River Basin Coal and entry into Chicago. This acquisition would also aid the Southern Pacific by filling it's coffers with sorely needed cash enabling the Espee to invest in it's physical plant and thus avoiding financial adversity for which we all know was the un-doing of the Southern Pacific in real life. Long Live The ESPEE!  
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