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RR Xing

Pecatonica Division

  • Scale - HO
  • Size - 20'x25'
  • Trackage - Atlas code 100
  • Mainline - 100 ft
  • Staging - 6 tracks
  • Control - Digitrax DCC
  • Min Radius - 22"
  • Card Order Operation

  The layout is a 'what if' the Mineral Point line was extended to Galena/Dubuque.  Most of the outbound traffic is zinc ore from the old lead mines, or meat from an 'on-line' Swift plant.  The inbound traffic is the normal farming/small town related industries of the 50's.

  The layout was started in 1987, and was running by 1992 using DC cab control with MRC Control Master 20 walk-around throttles.  Basic scenery was in by 1995, and the layout construction stopped as I got interested on N scale and DCC.  After making a decision to sell off my N scale equipment in 2003, I started rebuilding the layout.  New DCC wiring, some track changes, replacing the old Tenshodo switch machines with Tortoise motors, and all new scenery have been implemented.  I am currently adding rock castings and will spend the winter of 2008/2009 building 'trees'.

  Most of the loco fleet are P2K GP9's with some Atlas RS1's and BLI/P2K sound steamers.  The 'sound' thing was the 'gotcha' that got me back into HO.  Good thing the layout was never torn down!

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