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RR Xing

The OR&B (Old, Retired, & Broke) is a railroad in its infancy and most likely will never be complete. If I ever feel it is complete, it's time to start over. Phase 1 is a simple double track main line with a siding and a 4 track yard. There is a spur for an engine maintenance facility and 2 other spurs serving a few industries. Scenery is somewhat undecided at this point. Phase 2 if approved by the better half calls for a long main line of about 18 feet to a small town passenger station and back again to the main layout. I figure without phase 2 my 18 car SP "Daylight" or 11 car "California Zephyr" will look ridiculous on the main layout which is 4' by 8'. Consequently, they would have to stay in their boxes and they are way too beautiful for that.

This is all being financed with social security and retirement funds hence the name Old, Retired, and Broke.

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