Norfolk Union Southern (NUS)    Norfolk Union Southern (NUS)
   1913 to Present


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Non-permanent layouts: My grandson Derek and I have used Bachmann EZ track to build many different floor layouts since December 18, 2004. Temporary layouts have varied in size and complexity from one room with one track level to six rooms, foyer, and hallway with three track levels. Derek constructs by far the most challenging and imaginative trackwork. We now (2018) have nearly 1000 feet of HO track, representing over 16 miles of the real thing.

Power is supplied by DCC wired and wireless MRC 10 amp Elite, 3.5 Prodigy Advance Squared with 8 amp and 3.5 amp boosters, DCC Bachmann EZ Command with 5 amp booster, and/or DC MRC Tech 3 Power Command as needed.

Whenever my wife Joan (Derek's Grandmother) finally gets tired of stepping over track, operations are stopped and equipment is picked up and stored. She is very supportive of our railroading hobbies and regularly took our grandson railfanning before I retired from the Air Force. Then he and I got into model trains and railfanning. Also assembled three O GAUGE trains in 2015 for holiday operation and mantel display.

Passenger: Free-lance Norfolk Union Southern (NUS) operations are conducted using 1/87 models of 60 real railroads, over 120 locomotives, and over 330 passenger cars associated with our many family birthplaces, homes, military assignments, and travels before and after our marriage in 1968. My wife and I were both military brats and I'm retired Air Force/Air National Guard. We traveled separately or together to 43 states, D.C, and 13 countries! Twenty-two model aircraft of family significance, mostly 1/100 scale, will also be on land and in the air as appropriate for locale and era. Aircraft are listed under Accessories.

The N and S letters of the NUS logo are taken from the Norfolk & Western (NW) and the Southern Railway (SOU) circular logos of the 1940s, representing the era and locations of my birth in Ohio and my wife's birth in South Carolina. Our daughter was also born in South Carolina while SOU still ran passenger trains. Twenty-two NW/SOU locomotives and @70 NW/SOU passenger cars are available for layout trains, including many generously given to us by Joan's brother Ed.

Union Pacific (UP), represented by letter U and shield in NUS logo, is on the layout because I traveled to Kansas State on UP trains and our son was born in Kansas. The red, white, and blue colors of Amtrak (AMTK) are represented in the logo shield because it has been the only major passenger railroad in the USA since our son and grandchildren were born. Twenty-one UP/AMTK locomotives and @70 UP/AMTK passenger cars are available for layout passenger trains.

When we build a semi-permanent layout, a scratch-built St. Louis Union Station (SLUS) model will be the centerpiece with 22 themed trains on terminal tracks representing 22 different passenger railroads that the historic SLUS served at its height in the 1920s and World War II years. The actual SLUS had 42 terminal tracks which we can also model. We lived in St. Louis for 11 years and three of our grandsons (one deceased) were born there. Their mother, our daughter, still lives near the St. Louis area.

Eleven more model railroad stops with 21 associated themed passenger and 4 themed freight trains will be near US places with special memories. Two additional stops with 5 themed passenger and 5 themed freight trains will be modeled in Europe.

Freight: Grandson Derek Alexander Walsh, 2013 BS in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Illinois, is the freight guru of the layout. His modern day and historical 100+ railroads, 60+ locomotives, and 400+ freight rolling stock preferences are colorful, big, unusual, and complicated! Primary freight yard - Queensgate Yard - Cincinnati Union Terminal (CUT) - Tower A. Primary railfan area - Fostoria Iron Triangle, Ohio.

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