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RR Xing

.The layout is comprised of hidden staging and represents Chemult coming out into view just prior to Cascade Summit on the Chemult to Eugene Line.  From there it is pure fiction with the SP Trains continuing to the City of Taylorville located North of the summit.  At that point the SP returns to Chemult.  The line runs North along the spine of the Cascades to Cougar Reservior (real) and the Cook Mill and Logging operations.  The line between Taylorville and the mill, which is on the third level of the layout is the California Northern, real RR but never in Oregon.  From the Mill trains run out to the logging shows and are organic to the Lumber Company.  Couple of exceptions, SP Passenger Train runs from Chemult to Wishram, obviously fiction and there is a Tourist consist operated by the Cascade Summit Historical Society the runs from Wishram to the Mill area.  Operationally it is operated by the SP&S with a 5 car consist of GN and NP Passenger Cars and a D&RG Business Car.  Motive power is two RS-3's, SP&S and NP, plus on occasion a bouble headed SP P5's.

Not a model RR for the rivet counters as 80% is fictional.

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