Middletown & New Jersey    Middletown & New Jersey
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   Late 60s/Early 70s


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In its beginning, the Middletown, Unionville, and Water Gap Railroad was a bridge route between the Erie and New York Ontario & Western railroads at its home base in Middletown.  Besides connecting these roads, the M&U (as it became known) had at least a couple of roundtrip passenger trains, delivering students to the larger Middletown schools.  It also picked up and delivered milk and other products between the many farms and industries along its route to the larger railroads. 

Later it became the Middletown and New Jersey RR, and eventualy abandoned its connection at Unionville.  Schools were built in rural areas and passenger travel dwindled, farms and industries could deliver their products to market faster and cheaper by truck, the NYO&W went out of business, and the (having been taken over by Conrail) pulled out of downtown Middletown.  In its later years, the M&NJ had shortened its route to just a few miles and still serviced one or two industries with a connection to Conrail at the outskirts of Middletown. 

However, my M&NJ still survives (as do the EL and O&W and their connections) and is a thriving little railroad running a roundtrip passenger train between Unionville and Middletown each day as well as a few freights each day to serve the numerous industries along its 20-mile right-of-way.  It still owns its original two 44-tonners but has upgraded to a couple of used GPs, an old Erie RS-1, and one or two former O&W NW2s.  It is also upgrading some trackage and adding protection at crossings and even some basic block signalling..

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