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Catskill division is the link connecting the vast Pennsy network with New England by extending from the antracite rich area of Wilkes-Barre, PA northeast to reach the Boston & Maine system in Schenectady, NY.

Crossing the beautiful but scarcely populated Catskill mountains, it offeres a shorter connection than the previously existing D&H-route. This was achieved by incorporating the Delaware & Northern, parts of the Ulster & Delaware and building new right of way Wilkes-Barre - Hancock, NY; and Grand Gorge on old U&D to Schenectady.

The result is a bridge line that relieves the North East corridor some traffic load, but also a railroad connection that has brought life into sleepy villages of the Catskills like Arkville, Margaretville and Stamford.

Arkville is the site of the wood acid producer Luzerne Chemicals, also selling charcoal. The damming projects to provide fresh water to NY city has dramatically increased the availability of wood stumps, which are vital for the process. Here is also an interchange to the NYC yard that is the new terminal of the old U&D.

Margaretville was from the beginning the larger town and is the site of the classification yard of the region. Industries are few - the only to mention is the tool manufacturer Big Rock. Instead this is a centre for trade and distributin with the freight house, the large Delaware County Farmers Coop that handles food and ships local crops, and the Siccolasso Fuel dealer.

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