NorthWestern Pacific    NorthWestern Pacific
   North End between Willits and Eureka
   20's - 50's


 Rolling Stock


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RR Xing

This small 3' X 4' twice-around represents the NWP from the 20's to the transition era. 

This line served the redwood logging industry for nearly a century, along with the rich agracultural resources of Humboldt County.  Running from the port city of Eureka in the north (Railroad East), to the cities of Tiburon and Sausalito on San Francisco Bay (Railroad West), The NWP was essential to the growth of California.  A proud native of Humboldt County, I grew up next to the NWP right-of-way during the 60's and 70's.  I have chosen to model the north half of the line, from Eureka to Willits.  This is my second layout featuring this historic railroad.

I have used Atlas track plan N56 and added 3 additional spurs, as well as a 'run off' turnout at the head of the yard for a removable drill track/engine service module.  By making most spurs 'dual purpose', as well as using small staging cassettes, I can represent the traffic flow of all major industries/customers on the northern half of this iconic SP subsidiary. 

All traffic is counter-clockwise, both westbound AND eastbound, with a predetermined number of complete circuits between stops.  I use compression to make each circuit equal to about three miles, and have determined the number of circuits between each stop on the line.  It works very smoothly for such a tiny little pike!  I can even have EB's and WB's on the layout at the same time!  I simply have one consist overtake and pass the other using the single siding, instead of a 'saw-by' as in the prototype...  :) 

I am happy with the trackwork and will be starting the scenery very soon... Watch for updates!

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