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INDUSTRIES    North West Railway
Industry Category Location Location

Ceramics by Pat Ceramics Goods shed Bay 3 Gorese Covert Junction
Fish Catcher Food Supplies Good shed bay2 Gorse Covert
Cold Store Ltd Frozen Foods, Chilled Goods Goods Shed Bay 1 Gorse Covert
Freight Services Goods handling Goods Yard Upper Gorse Covert
Oil and Gas limited Oil and Gas supplies godds yard middle Gorse Covert Junction
Roots Food Merchant Goods Shed Bay 2 Gorse Covert Junction
Fruit and Veg Limited Fruit only Goods Shed Bay 3 Gorse Covert Junction
Army and Navy Supplies Limited miliatary Equipement Goods Yard lower Gorse Covert Junction
G T Knowles Coal Merchant Goods yard middle Gorse Covert Junction
Castings & Machining Foundry and Engineering Goods Yard upper Gorse Covert Junction
Bannana Man Bannanas Goods Shed Bay 3 Gorse Vovert Junction
News Papers Printers News Papers Bay Sding Station
Pipes Ltd Clay Pipes export Transhipment Station
Quarry Stones Stone supplies Transhipment Station

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