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INDUSTRIES    Slumber Valley and Pacific
   Colorado Rockies
Industry Category Location Location

Alpine Station Team Track Alpine Station Alpine Siding
Slumber Valley and Pacific engine terminal Barneys Crossing
Colby's Dairy dairy products Cindys Landing
DRGW Frieght Depot lcl frieght Cindys Landing
Cindy's Conoco oil delivery station Cindys Landing
Cindy's Cattle Shippers cattle shipping and delivery Cindy's Landing
Randy's Junkyard junk metals Cindy's Landing
Interchange in interchange incoming tracks 1 & 2 DRGW interchange
Interchange out interchange outgoing tracks 3 & 4 DRGW Interchange
Kevin's logging co. logging spur Hancock
Jake's Corral cattle shipping Jakes Corners
Greens Creme and Butter dairy products Jakes Corners
Farmers Co op Grain and Seed farm products seed and fertilizer, fuel Jakes Corners
Woodrows Door and Sash furniture window and door manufacturing Jakes Corners
Winters Sawmill lumber milling Jakes Corners
Kacey's Team Track lcl and oil deliveries Kacey's Curve
Alena Ann Mine Coal Mine North Extension
Al's General Store lcl merchandise Scoobyville
Republic Foundry metal fabrication Scoobyville
Murphy's Mine ore mine Scoobyville
Scoobyville Team Track Team Track Scoobyville

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