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   Spooner,Wi to Eauclaire,Wi
Industry Category Location Location

Vital Plastics Plastics manufacterer 1st spur south of Sarona, Wi.
Points southwest off layout staging 3 track staging in utility room
Haugen Farmers Elevator B Farmer's Coopperative 4.5 miles north of Haugen Wi
Dahly Lumber Supply Building Materials East spur at Haugen Wi
Haugen Elavator A Farmer's Coop East spur at Haugen Wi
Maintenence tracks Diesel maintenence North end of yard Spooner Wi
Watts Beverage Distributors Wholesale beverage Distributors South end of yard Spooner Wi
Minnesota Box and Carton Packaging manufacterer South end of yard, Spooner Wi
Team track Spooner LCL loads Station at Spooner Wi
Sanding Tower Diesel service track Yard at Spooner Wi
Fuel track Diesel fueling track Yard at Spooner Wi
Team track LCL shipping 1st spur south of Sarona. Wi.

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