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INDUSTRIES    Southern Pacific Railroad
   California, San Francisco to Los Angeles
   50's - 60's
Industry Category Location Location

Emily's Candy Manufacturer Spot A Candy Spur
Clyde & Dales Barrel Barrel Manufacturing Spot B Candy Spur
The Detroit Electric Manufacturer Spot C Candy Spur
Eli's Salvage Auto Salvage Spot D Candy Spur
Homestead Orchard Pistachios Pistachio Processing & Packing Track 1, B Citrus
Citrus Spur 2 Extra Car Storage Spot 2-All Citrus Spur
Valley Citrus Citrus Processing Track 1-A Citrus Spur
Gavrilovic Meet Processing Beef Forwarding Grey 4 Glendale
SP Service Facility Service & Warehouse Facility Red 4 Glendale
Ice House Ice Reefers Spot A Ice Track
CCH Citrus Citrus Packaging Spot B Ice Track
Del Monte Fresh Prouce Spot C Ice Track
K & L Wine Merchants Box Division Spot D Ice Track
Reefer Storage SP Service Track XX Ice Track
Hinsdale Lumber Lumber Sales Spot 1 Lumber Spur
Public Freight Shipping & Receiving Spot A Moore Spur
Moore & Company Public Warhouse Spot B Moore Spur

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