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INDUSTRIES    North American Narrow Gauge
   Any where the rails ran 3' apart
Industry Category Location Location

Gold Prince Mill Stamp Mill Tracks 1&2 Animas Forks
Aurora Feed Mill Feed Mill Feed Mill Track 1 Aurora
Aurora Ice House Icing Platform Ice Track 1/2 Aurora
Aurora Terminal Interchange Interchange Siding/Spur Aurora
Aurora Team Track Team Track Warehouse Track 1 Aurora
Aurora Warehouse Freight Depot Warehouse Track 2 Aurora
Bilk Stock Yards Stock Yards Stock Yard Track Bilk
Rico Home Depot Lumber Yard Depot Spur Rico
Rico Sampling Works Ore Sampler Depot spur Rico
North Rico Sampler Ore Sampler Powerhouse Spur Rico
Rico Powerhouse Powerhouse Powerhouse Spur Rico
Pro Patria Mill Mill Pro Patria Siding Rico
Rico Stock Yard Stock Yards South Wye Leg Rico
Rico Coal Coal Bins Warehouse Spur Rico
Rico Warehouse Warehouse Warehouse Spur Rico
Silverton Depot Freight Depot Depot spur Silverton
Silverton Stock Yard Stock Yards SG&N Main Silverton
Silverton Northern Railroad Railroad Silverton Northern Engine House Silverton
Silverton Brewery Brewery Track 3 at Brewery Silverton
Silverton Merchantile Store/Warhouse Track 3 at Merchantile Silverton
Salisbury Mill Stamp Mill Salisbury Mill Track Stanley Mines Complex
The Stanley Mines Co. Mine Stanley Spur Stanley Mines Complex
Huckill Mine Ore Mine Stanley Spur Stanley Mines Complex
Stanley Sampler Ore Sampler Stanley Spur Stanley Mines Complex
Alma Mill Stamp Mill Stanley Spur Stanley Mines Complex

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