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LOCOMOTIVE ROSTER    Baltimore and Ohio
   Eastern USA
Road Number Road Model Scale Power Manufacturer

B&O Santa Fe HO DCC Bachmann Spectrum 
00 B&O Ten Wheeler HO DC Roundhouse 
1025 B&O Mikado HO DCC Athern 
1231 B&O Ten Wheeler HO DCC Bachmann Spectrum 
1308 B&O Switcher HO DC AHM-Rivarossi 
1794 B&O Mallet HO DC Rivarossi 
22 B&O Doodlebug HO DCC EMD Bachmann
2504 B&O C&O 2-8-4 HO DCC Bachmann DCC on board 
2788 B&O Consolidation 2-8-0 HO DCS  Bachmann
3910 B&O Alco PB1 HO DCC Athern 
5028 B&O Mikado HO DCC AHM 
5304 B&O Pacific HO DCC AHM 
6185 B&O 2-10-2 HO DCC AHM 
7906 B&O Mallet HO DCS  Bachmann
911 B&O Consolidation HO DC AHM-Rivarossi 
9278 B&O Alco S-2 HO DCC Athern 
956 B&O Camelback HO DCC AHM 
9741 B&O Fairbanks Morse HO DCC Atlas Atlas
4204 B&O Alco FA1 HO DCS Alco Bachmann
03 B&O RDC HO DC Athern 
1437 B&O EMD E7A HO DCC Lifelike Proto2000
1625 B&O Alco PA1 HO DCC Athern 
234 B&O EMD F-3A HO DCS EMD Athern
273 B&O EMD F-3A HO DCC Intermountain 
3406 B&O EMD GP7 HO DCC EMD Lifelike Proto1000

Road numbers in grey represent inactive locomotives      
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