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Micro-Mark Pic-n-Stick

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By Pulpdent

A Unique Tool For Small Part Placement!

Originally made for the dental trade, Pick-n-Stick is a 2-1/2 inch long plastic stick with a waxy adhesive on one end.

To use, just press the adhesive end against the part you need to hold.

To remove, just twist.

Adhesive grips tightly, but won't transfer to the part.

Holds plastic model parts, cast metal ship fittings, miniature hardware and hundreds of other items.

When painting numerous parts, push the non-adhesive end into a piece of cardboard or clay to hold the sticks while the paint dries.

Each stick is reusable many times.

  • 30 Pick-n-Sticks in 2 matchbook style packages

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By Pulpdent

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