Broadway Limited Imports 6000-Gallon Tank Car (2-Pack) - Variety Set B: Hooker Chemicals HOKX 618, Penn Salt TELX 232 (Late 1950s schemes)

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Broadway Limited Imports
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Variety Set F: 6000-Gallon Tank Car

Hooker Chemicals Penn Salt HOKX 618, TELX 232

Get Tanked!

The Broadway Limited HO Scale 6000-Gallon Tank Cars are based on one of the most common early tank car designs, the American Car & Foundry (ACF) Type 27 tank car.

Built from the late 1920s through the 1940s, these specialized cars were almost always privately owned for revenue service because railroads only used and maintained a few for non-revenue activities like fuel.

These insulated high pressure cars were used to haul home heating fuels, propane and butane as well as anhydrous ammonia, chlorine, and methyl chloride. 6000-Gallon Tank Cars feature detailed, injection-molded bodies with applied details, accurate decoration, metal wheels and magnetic knuckle couplers.

  • Two cars

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Variety Set F: 6000-Gallon Tank Car
Hooker Chemicals
Penn Salt
HOKX 618, TELX 232

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