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.Slumber Valley is a spin off from the DRGW back in the 20's. It was not very profitable for the DRGW and they wanted to abandon it, but the people in the area needed it. They put together their money and purchased the small railroad from the DRGW. Problem was they had no locos or rolling stock. An easterner named Randy came to town and he had connections. He acquired engines from various eastern railroads along with some rolling stock. Slumber Valley serves 5 towns and has a small interchange with the DRGW. Some of the industries are: cattle, lumber, dairy products, and general merchandise. It also has a coal mine,supplying the valley and outside world with coal. There is also an iron ore mine, supplying iron ore to the rest of the country. There is also a logging company in the town of Hancock which supplies the lumber mill with rough hewn logs. Although this is outside of the Slumber Valley R.R. territory, it still has trackage rights to serve this industry. In the morning an engine that is stationed at Alpine Siding,(the name of the interchange withe the DRGW) goes out to the interchange tracks to see what was left there from the DRGW. Any paperwork is left in the office for the crew. They take the cars to Jakes Corners to be picked up by the daily shuttle. The shuttle runs off of a switch list that tells the crew what to leave off and what to pick up. It usually takes an 8 hour shift to complete the run. At the end of the day the shuttle brings the cars it has picked up back to the interchange tracks to be picked up by the night DRGW local. Passenger service is sparse but passengers are welcomed to ride in the caboose or combine for a modest fee. Once a month there is a special for railfans. The owners are looking into running a tourist ride but need more qualified crews to run them. Of course Slumber Valley is fictional- But it could have happened!

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