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RR Xing

.The  modeled part of the railroad follows the C&NW(ex Omaha Road) row from Spooner to Cameron Wis.The Roadbed is now a rec trail and runs less than 4 miles from my home.The backstory is the CNW sold the line to BN as a way to raise money which also gave BN a shorter route to Chicago from the GN and NP northern routes, bypassing the Twin Cities.I chose 1972 to model so I could include my favorite rr's and the beginning of Amtrac with the varied passenger consists.

The layout is in my 42'x30' basement. it's an around the walls linear layout with 3  20' (from the short wall)pennisulas,staging will be at each end with a connecting route for thru running. I currently have around 150'of  mainline laid , not including Spooner Yard and spurs,staging etc.  That's about 1/2  the layout.Control is Digitrax.

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