Many thanks, it is a pleasure doing business with you. But then I know Texans are nice people, having lived (there) awhile.

James H.

I appreciate your concern and the follow up. There is so little of that these days and, as a consumer, I find your act of courteousness refreshing. Thank you for your assistance.

Harold H.

The parcel arrived yesterday, and I’m very very happy, you did a very good job! I will buy at your shop again!

Giancarlo D.

I think your My Railroad app is a wonderful service and I use it to list all my rolling stock. It makes it nice to be able to check and see if you have something before purchasing a duplicate.

Harold R.

Just to thank you - I already received my order (and it is) is great. Thank you very much and keep up the good work.

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Thanks again, I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions with such detail and thoroughness.

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Arrived today! All in good shape. That's fast service!

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Thanks for taking good care of us, and your quick reply, all was certainly appreciated! A job well done, my friend!

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My wife loves using your company for her purchases for me! Makes it sooooo much easier for her "gifts"...your customer service is great.

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You have shown me time and again your company stands for quality and I will continue to support your company.

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Thank you for following up. It has provided (me) with an excellent on-line source for my model railroad needs.

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I got my package today. Very fast. :) Just want to say thank you for your great service.

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I recently ordered some crossing gates on Friday at a spectacular price. What suprised me even more was that it was waiting in my mailbox on Monday! This is the first time I've ordered from Dalls Model Works but it certainly won't be the last! Thanks for the great service!

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Thanks for the lightning response! I am placing an order now.

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Great site, very easy to use and it's nice knowing (that) if you list it, you stock it.

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Received (my) order, lightning fast for international shipping 7 days. Again everything was perfect.

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As far as I’m concerned, Customer Service is superior (with) Dallas Model Works!

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The service I received from your store is far and away the best I have ever experienced from a mail-order business. Thank you a dozen times over!

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Sooooo many (websites) are soooo poorly designed, yet your website was an absolute delight to navigate. I found what I needed quite quickly. It WILL be bookmarked and it WILL be visited often.

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I can't believe how much business I have done with you already. It's been great.

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Thanks Craig, for letting me know what was happening – not very many other dealers would even care.

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You are by far the best Hobby Shop on line!! I will definitely shop with you again.

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You are a real godsend!...You have solved a problem that apparently no one else wanted to take on or was unaware of the need. (Yours) is a great company to do business with and deserves our support.

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One word - OUTSTANDING in every detail. Ok, so that was more than one...

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Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for the very prompt shipping on my order... all arrived in good shape and very quickly. I will remember and as General MacArthur said, "I shall return." Keep up the great work.

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I love the new train consist generator; it is very cool!

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Great service as usual!

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I find your web site easy to navigate, and that compares very favorably against some firms such as T_________ whose web site is diabolical and very frustrating to get around.

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You are a good man Craig, and I am impressed with your company... I will spread the word to all about Dallas Model Works.

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I have to say thank you for having wrapped every item so (well): you really did the work with great care and kindness.

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Received 2 beautiful bridges today. Very happy. Thanks for great service.

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I pre-ordered the turbo train, I heard the sounds on line and got to have one. Thanks for putting up with my questions. Oh by the way, You have the best price I could find!

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Just to let you know that the consignment arrived safe and sound this morning. Thanks for your prompt service.
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Craig, I'm sending the link to your website to the birthday boy. We have a new home with one huge room that will be devoted only to HO scale trains. You have the best prices and discounts I could find on the web and by far the most superior and personal customer service. The birthday party was a total success. Thanks for saving the day for me.

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Thanks for the fast, quick delivery! And for having everything in stock – yours is a very refreshing online store, (I) plan to buy from you again and recommend you.

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In an age when customer service is the key to success, Dallas Model Works not only excels but sets the standard for excellence!

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Thanks for the heads up Craig...I have another Kato SD38-2 UP Y833 that I got from you a few orders back. I was running it last night and I would say it is my smoothest, most powerful loco in my fleet...Keep up the good work and thanks once again.

John I.
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Thanks Craig! I really appreciate the fine service.
Good luck,

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You have a really nice online store. Made finding what I wanted dead easy. Thank you!

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…I read Craig's story and couldn't help but be moved. Good stuff!

Bill H.

Just to let you know I received 2 orders on Monday.......CSX #2771, UP #2139, Centerbeams and loads. Both GP38-2's run like a dream and the centerbeams run through my 22" radius without touching the other train on my 18" radius. Looking forward to receiving my next 2 orders and paying off some of my M/C so I can yet again give you some business.

John I.
British Columbia

Y'all have some great products, as well as prices and fantastic service.

Dr. Charles B.
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Thanks again for your efforts and great service.

Jack H.

My break-in on my 2 GP38-2 Proto 2000's went as I expected.......wonderful runners and as quiet as a Singer sewing machine. I am so impressed with these units and your excellent customer service, that I will be calling you shortly to place yet another order. Thanks again for all your help, it is much appreciated.

John I.
British Columbia

Hello again Craig, Your help is most appreciated. Your first suggestion was to try to contact hobby shops in Michigan, and see if they had the Michigan/Mackinac Atlas Loco,....and after many e-mails,.....I finally found a shop in Northern Michigan who did indeed have what I was looking for. So thanks for your help. On your web site, I see you have some Proto 2000 locos on sale! I'm also interested in the BNSF line which is on sale. Would you have a suggestion as to a matching caboose?

Curt G.

I looked at the (flat car loader) demo and I think this will be a great addition to my layout. I do want to extend my thanks for the heads up that you had uploaded it to the website. I know you didn’t have to do that so thank you. I wish you tons of success with this neat device. I know I will be designing an industrial warehouse for my layout, just so I can add it! I think I will see if I can come up with an open-air platform that I can install it on. I think it is so cool, that I want everyone to be able to watch it in action!
Best regards,

Ken M.