My Railroad is a suite of online tools and utilities for model railroaders. These tools and utilities are completely free and can be accessed from anywhere a computer can access dallasmodelworks.com.

Designed to aid in keeping track of your locomotive and rolling stock rosters, this suite also provides a number of tools created to enhance your model railroad operations.

And not to worry – the information you enter about your model railroad is accessible only by you.

To put My Railroad to work for your railroad, just register as a dallasmodelworks.com member (if you haven't already) and sign in!

My Layout


My Layout will not only record some basic information about your model railroad, but also allows you to customize the look of your My Railroad pages – including adding your railroad's logo and any photos you may have.

Indeed, you can even customize your pages with the colors of your favorite railroad's livery. The colors of many popular railroads including UP, CN and the Santa Fe are just a point-and-click away.


Best of all, the data in My Layout provides the backbone for your own personal model railroad web page. Tools are provided so that you can customize your page any way you want.

This page can be set to Private Mode so that only you may view it, or it can be set to Public Mode so that it can be shared with your fellow model railroad nuts. The choice is yours.


Fast ClocksOn a model railroad, compression is a necessity – real towns generally aren't situated just six feet apart. So for the guys who use timetables to run their models like the real thing, time needs to be compressed as well.

Hence, the Fast Clock. Our 6:1 Fast Clock, for instance, runs six times faster than a real clock; one fast clock hour passes in 10 real-time minutes.

By running your railroad against one of our Fast Clocks (3:1, 4:1 and 6:1), you'll be able to create the illusion that your trains are traveling greater distances.

How awesome is that?


Defect DetectorSimulates real-world trackside Defect Detectors to make operations on your layout more realistic and interesting. Simulated radio transmissions announce randomly-generated 'defects' such as hot boxes and dragging equipment on your train. Works on iPhone and other mobile devices as well as computers.


My Locomotives

My Locomotives is a utility that allows you to keep a comprehensive database of all your locomotives, including everything from manufacturer, road and road number to power and coupler types to the place, date and price of purchase.

(But don't worry if it sounds like a chore – you can enter as little or as much information about each loco as you'd like.)

Once you have entered data into My Locomotives, you can sort your roster in many ways including by locomotive type, manufacturer, road, and so on.

You can even keep track of which locos are currently on "active duty" and which are not.

And, for insurance purposes, there is a printable list of the values of your locomotive collection.

Similarly, you can print a detailed information sheet for each locomotive, including a picture if you have one.

You can even keep service records for each loco, noting any repairs or modifications you have made as well as keeping track of the last time you lubricated the gears.

My Rolling Stock


My Rolling Stock offers all of the features of My Locomotives noted above and more.


Like our earlier Car Card Generator, the Advanced Car Card Generator allows you to easily create Car Cards for use in Car Card and Waybill operation on your model railroad.

But unlike the earlier version, the Advanced Car Card Generator draws data from your My Rolling Stock roster, meaning that you only ever have to enter information about each car once. Whenever you've worn out your cards and need more you can print new ones in seconds.


This simple tool allows you to generate consists from the Active cars listed in your My Rolling Stock roster.

It's great for creating run-through trains or for just fooling around at work!


Get optimal performance from your rolling stock by ensuring that each car is the recommended weight for its length and scale.

Based on the NMRA's Recommended Practice RP20.1, the Car Weight Calculator supports O, On3, S, Sn3, HO, HOn3, N, TT and Z scales.


My Industries

At first glance, My Industries appears to be nothing more than a list of all the industries serviced by your model railroad. In practice, however, it is much more.

It's hard to describe to those who have yet to use it, but interacting with My Industries begins to give you a real sense of exactly what kind of rolling stock you need for your layout. This is due in no small part to the...


A railroad exists to serve customers and those customers are primarily the industries along your route. But how do you know what your customers need?

It's easy.

With the Car Request Generator, they tell you.

Simply input the minimum and maximum number and type of car each industry is likely to require each day. You can even add a seasonal modifier – fruit merchants need more reefers at harvest time than the rest of the year, after all.

Once you have recorded your industry information, just select the day of the week upon which your operations will take place and – voila – your industries will tell you what kind of cars they need that day!

It's a great way to create real traffic for your road and – like the Consist Generator – it's also good for goofing around with at work!

My Accessories


Ever want to get more of those cool little 55 gallon drums that you picked up a couple of years ago but now you can't remember who makes them, what the part number is or where you got them?

Problem solved.

My Accessories lets you record any of the trillions of tiny accessories that model railroaders accumulate.

You probably won't want to use it for everything – Walthers' New River Mining Company kit is pretty recognizable on its own – but for all of those myriad smaller accessories such as sign posts, decal sheets or the aforementioned 55 gallon drums, My Accessories will prove an invaluable resource when you suddenly realize you need more of them six years from now.


All of the information you enter into My Railroad is accessible only by you, in accordance with our Privacy Policy.


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