Dallas Model Works Weathered 36in. Insulated All-Brass Wheelsets (Pack of 4)

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Weathered 36in. Insulated All-Brass Wheelsets
(Pack of 4)

Ultimate Realism!

Few things get dirtier faster on a railroad than rolling stock wheels.

Even the wheels of the newest cars in service are soon coated in grease, rust and dust.

Trouble is, wheels are one of the toughest things to weather on model rolling stock.

If you're not careful and get weathering on the wheel treads, that gunk will soon transfer to your track and interfere with electrical conductivity.

But now there's a better way.

Made with the finest quality all-brass insulated wheelsets available, ourUnweathered wheelset weathered wheel sets can make your rolling stock more realistic in seconds.

Just pop the old wheelsets out of the trucks and pop our high-quality wheelsets in.

You'll be upgrading performance and 'downgrading' the look at the same time!

Just compare our wheelsets with a typical unweathered wheelset.

  • Weathered wheelfaces with clean treads won't dirty your track
  • Easy to install
  • All-brass
  • Insulated
  • Fully assembled, ready to use
  • Fits most HO truck styles
  • Enough to equip one car

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Weathered 36in. Insulated All-Brass Wheelsets
(Pack of 4)

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