DCC Specialties PSX4 DCC Solid State Power District Circuit Breaker (4 Block)

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PSX4 DCC Solid State Power District Circuit Breaker
(4 Block)


Automatic Coordination of Auto Reverse and Circuit Breaker Tasks: It is both a auto reverser and a circuit breaker. Fast, all solid state design with reliable quiet electronic reversing, no blinks, clicks or sparks!


  • Adaptive Load Reset: Electronically senses if the overload is a real short or due to in-rush capacitance of sound decoders.
  • Automates Reverse Loop Turnouts: Integrated stall motor or snap coil decoder, automatically lines up switch machines is when the polarity is reversed.Switch machine can also be controlled with standard DCC accessory commands or push buttons.
  • Manual or Automatic Reset: Automatic reset of the breaker or a push button switch can manually reset.
  • Outputs for LED Indicators: LEDs can be added to monitor; input/output power and status
  • Wide Range of Current Trip Setting: Trip currents are adjustable adjusted by jumpers or CVs: 1.27 to 19.2 A
  • System Reset: A single CV command sets all Addresses and CVs to original factory values.
  • Output for Audio Alarm: An audible sounder can be added to the card to alert you when there is a short.
  • Booster Function for Low Current: Some boosters need help when resetting. Adding a jumper kick starts low Amp systems.
  • Auto Stop with CV Reset: A photocell can detect a train in the reverse section and turn off power. A DCC command can then restore the power.
  • Board size: is 5 3/4 by 3 3/4 inches

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PSX4 DCC Solid State Power District Circuit Breaker
(4 Block)

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